Oct 1: Daily Bible Reading/Quiz

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Daily Quiz: Malachi 1-4

Malachi 1-4, ERV (7 questions)

1. 2 "I have loved you," says the Lord. "Yet you say, 'In what way have You loved us?' Was not ____ Jacob's brother?" Says the Lord. "Yet Jacob I have loved; 3 But ____ I have hated,

Mal 1:1-3,NKJV

a. Abraham
b. Esau
c. Israel


2. ...To you priests who despise My name. Yet you say, 'In what way have we despised Your name?' 7 "You offer ______ on My altar, But say, 'In what way have we defiled You?'

Malachi 1:6-7,NKJV

a. unclean people
b. sinners
c. defiled food


3. While this is being done by _____ hands, Will He accept you favorably?"

Mal 1:9,NKJV

a. his
b. your
c. Satan's


4. 10 "Who is there even among you who would shut the doors, so that you would not kindle fire on My altar in vain? I have no pleasure in you," Says the Lord of hosts, "Nor will I accept _____ from your hands.

Mal 1:10,NKJV

a. an empty wallet
b. an offering
c. a tithe


5. 11 For from the rising of the sun, even to its going down, My name shall be great among the ________;

Mal 1:11,NKJV

a. Israelites
b. Gentiles
c. Jews


6. In every place incense shall be offered to My name, And a _____ offering; For My name shall be great among the nations," Says the Lord of hosts.

Mal 1:11,NKJV

a. ten percent
b. love
c. pure


7. 14 "But cursed be the deceiver Who has in his flock a male, And takes a vow, But sacrifices to the Lord what is ________-

Mal 1:14,NKJV

a. female
b. blemished
c. unclean



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