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Daily Quiz: Acts 16-17

Acts 16-17, ERV (8 questions)

1. 6 Now when they had gone through Phrygia and the region of Galatia, they were forbidden by the _______ to preach the word in Asia.

Acts 16:6,NKJV

a. governor
b. Holy Spirit
c. rulers of the synagogues


2. 9 And a vision appeared to Paul in the night. A man of Macedonia stood and pleaded with him, saying, "Come over to Macedonia and help us." 10 Now after he had seen the vision, immediately we sought to go to Macedonia, concluding that _______.

Acts 16:9-10,NKJV

a. it would be a good deed
b. it was the right thing to do
c. the Lord had called us to preach the gospel to them


3. 14 Now a certain woman named Lydia heard us. She was a seller of purple from the city of Thyatira, who worshiped God. ______ the things spoken by Paul.

Acts 16:14,NKJV

a. She freely chose to receive God's grace, which were
b. She chose to believe in Jesus, which were
c. The Lord opened her heart to heed


4. 5 But the Jews who were not persuaded, _______, took some of the evil men from the marketplace, and gathering a mob, set all the city in an uproar and attacked the house of Jason, and sought to bring them out to the people.

Acts 17:5,NKJV

a. becoming confused by the teaching they heard
b. becoming envious
c. becoming blind and deaf


5. 11 These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and _____.

Acts 17:11,NKJV

a. believed them by their word alone
b. searched the scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so
c. shared it with others


6. 22 Then Paul stood in the midst of the Areopagus and said, "Men of Athens, I perceive that in all things you are very religious; 23 for as I was passing through and considering the objects of your worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Therefore, the One whom you worship without knowing, Him I proclaim to you: 24 "God, who made the world and everything in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, _____, as though He needed anything, since He gives to all life, breath, and all things.

Acts 17:22-25,NKJV

a. does not need your tithes
b. does not need your dead works
c. does not dwell in temples made with hands. Nor is He worshiped with men's hands



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