May 4: Daily Bible Reading/Quiz

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Daily Quiz: 1 Chronicles 7-8

Daily Quiz: 1 Chronicles 9-11

1 Chronicles 9-11, ERV (3 questions)

1. 21 Zechariah son of Meshelemiah was the gatekeeper at the entrance to the ____________.

1 Chronicles 9:21,ERV

a. city of Jerusalem
b. town of Bethlehem
c. Holy Tent


2. 22 In all there were ______ men who were chosen to guard the gates of the Holy Tent. Their names were written in their family histories in their small towns. David and Samuel the seer chose these men because they could be trusted.

1 Chronicles 9:22,ERV

a. 2
b. 21
c. 212


3. 27 They stayed up all night guarding God's Temple, and they had the job of opening God's Temple every ________.

1 Chronicles 9:27, ERV

a. morning
b. Sabbath
c. Sabbath and full moon



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