May 6: Daily Bible Reading/Quiz

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Daily Quiz: 1 Chronicles 15-17

Daily Quiz: 1 Chronicles 15-17

1 Chronicles 15-17, ERV (10 questions)

1. 16 David told the Levite leaders to get their brothers, the singers. The singers were to take their lyres, harps, and cymbals and sing _______ songs.

1 Chronicles 15:16,ERV

a. holy
b. praise
c. happy


2. 22 The Levite leader Kenaniah was in charge of the singing. Kenaniah had this job because he ________________.

1 Chronicles 15:22,ERV

a. sang the loudest
b. was tallest and could be seen by everyone
c. was very skilled at singing


3. 25 David, the elders of Israel, and the generals went to get the Box of the Lord's Agreement. They brought it out from Obed Edom's house. Everyone was very happy! 26 God had helped the Levites who carried the Box of the Lords Agreement. So they sacrificed ___________ bulls and __________ rams to him.

1 Chronicles 15:25-26,ERV

a. 3
b. 7
c. 12


4. 27 All the Levites who carried the Holy Box wore robes made from fine linen. Kenaniah, the man in charge of the singing, and all the singers had robes made from fine linen. David also wore a robe made from fine linen. He also wore an _______ made of fine linen.

1 Chronicles 15:27,ERV

a. diadem
b. ephod
c. pair of shorts


5. From what we've learned about an ephod in Exodus and references from the Strong's Concordance, what was an ephod?

H646,Strong's: EPHOD

a. a small piece of cloth around the waist
b. a robe
c. a shoulder-cape or mantle, outer garment


6. 2 After David had finished giving the burnt offerings and fellowship offerings, he used the Lord's name to bless the people. 3 Then he gave ________ to every Israelite man and woman.

1 Chronicles 16:2-3,ERV

a. a loaf of bread, some dates, and raisins
b. unleavened bread and wine
c. a basket of bread and fish


7. Depend on the Lord for strength. _________ go to him for help.

1 Chronicles 16:11,ERV

a. Always
b. Each time you are in need
c. Every Sabbath


8. 23 Let the whole world sing to the Lord! Tell the good news ________ about how he saves us.

1 Chronicles 16:23,ERV

a. every day
b. often
c. whenever He gives you an opportunity


9. 27 He lives in the presence of glory and honor. His Temple is a place of ____________.

1 Chronicles 16:27-27,ERV

a. worship
b. power and joy
c. mansions and flowers


10. 33 The ___________ will sing for joy when they see the Lord, because he is coming to rule the world. 34 Give thanks to the Lord because he is good. His faithful love will last forever.

1 Chronicles 16:33-34,ERV

a. people of Israel
b. people of the world
c. trees of the forest



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