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Daily Quiz: Judges 8-9

Daily Quiz: Judges 8-9

Judges8-9, ESV (11 questions)

1. How did Gideon calm the Ephraimites from being so angry with him?

Judges 8:1-3,ESV

a. The way he answered them, by uplifting the Ephraimites, putting their success above his own

b. He ignored them while they were expressing their anger to him

c. He became defensive, explaining that it was not God's plan for him to do it the way they had wanted


2. What did Gideon do with the elders in the city of Succoth?

Judges 8:16,ERV

a. He dined with them

b. He took their belongings for himself

c. He beat them


3. What was the decoration shaped like that Gideon took off the necks of the camels that belonged to Zebah and Zalmunna?

Judges 8:18,ESV

a. sun
b. moon
c. star


4. What did Gideon make out of the gold that was taken from the Midianites?

Judges 8:27,ESV

a. a golden calf for the Israelites to worship

b. a golden moon for the Israelites to worship

c. a golden ephod for the Israelites to worship


5. Was it a sin for Gideon to make the ephod for the people to worship?

Judges 8:27,ESV

a. yes it was a sin, and it was also a sin for the Israelites who worshiped it.

b. no, because the ephod was a symbol of God and not a false god.


6. How long was Israel under peace after defeating the Midianites?

Judges 8:28,ESV Judges 8:28

a. They were never under peace, because they were worshiping the ephod

b. 40 years, as long as Gideon was alive


7. How did Gideon have so many sons (70)?

Judges 8:30,ESV

a. he adopted many children

b. he had many wives with whom he had children


8. What was the name of Gideon's son who was born of a slave woman, whose name meant "my father is king"?

Judges 8:29,ERV

a. Abimelech
b. Ishmael
c. Edom


9. Who did the people belong to, who had made Abimelech their king?

Judges 9:28,ESV

a. They lived in Shechem, which was located within Ephraim, so they were Ephraimites

b. They lived in Shechem, and belonged to the descendants of Hamor, who was the father of Shechem


10. What did Abimelech do to the men and women of Shechem who were hiding in one of the rooms of the temple?

Judges 9:47-49,ESV

a. He piled branches around it and set it on fire, killing about 1000 people.

b. He let out serpents into the room and they killed all of the people

c. He killed them all with his sword


11. What injury to Abimelech preceded him ordereing a soldier to finish him off with his sword?

#,ERV Judges 9:52

a. A woman hammered a peg into his temple while he was sleeping

b. A woman dropped a grinding stone onto his head from a tower



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