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Daily Quiz: Judges 6-7

Daily Quiz: Judges 6-7

Judges 6-7, ESV (11 questions)

1. Why did the Israelites make hiding places in the mountains?

Judges 6:2,ERV

a. Because the Midianites who ruled over them were cruel and powerful
b. Because there were giants in the land
c. Because there were dinosaurs in the land


2. How did the Midianites cause the Israelites to become poor?

Judges 6:2-6,ERV

a. They destroyed all their crops
b. They left them no animals
c. They destroyed the land
d. all of the above


3. Which one of the Israelites, from the family of Manasseh, did the Lord send to defeat the Midianites?

Judges 6:16,ESV

a. Gibeon
b. Gideon
c. Joash


4. How many pounds of flour did Gideon use to make bread for the Lord?

Judges 6:19,ESV

a. 1 lb.
b. 5 lb.
c. 20 lb.


5. What happened just before the angel of the Lord disappeared from speaking with Gideon?

Judges 6:21,ESV

a. The angel of the Lord's walking stick turned into a serpent

b. The angel of the Lord touched the meat, bread, and broth with the tip of his walking stick and fire came out of the rock and consumed it

c. The angel of the Lord gave his walking stick to Gideon


6. Who did Gideon's father worship?

Judges 6:25,ESV

a. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
b. Zeus
c. Baal and Asherah


7. Why did Gideon do the thing the Lord had told him to do, at night?

Judges 6:27,ESV

a. Because that's when the Lord told him he wanted it to be done

b. Because he was afraid his family and the other people of the town would see him

c. Because he didn't want to do it when Baal and Asherah were awake


8. How did Gideon know what order of events to carry out to defeat the Midianites?

Judges 6:34,ERV

a. He got advice from people of Israel who had previously gone to battle and won
b. He got advice from a prophet of God
c. The Holy Spirit filled him


9. What gave Gideon confidence that he would defeat the Midianites?

Judges 7:13-14,ESV

a. a dream he overheard the Midianites talking about
b. a dream that God gave to Gideon


10. What happened when the 300 men of Gideon blew their trumpets?

Judges 7:22,ESV

a. They charged into the Midianite camp and killed everyone with the sword
b. God sent a hornet to kill the Midianites
c. God caused the Midianites to kill each other with their swords


11. Where was Gideon at when the men of Ephraim brought him the heads of 2 of the Midianite leaders, according to the NLT version?

Judges 7:25,NLT

a. At the grave of Joshua in the land of Ephraim
b. At the tabernacle in the city of Shiloh
c. By the Jordan River



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