March 18: Daily Bible Reading/Quiz

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Daily Quiz: Judges 1-2

Daily Quiz: Judges 1-2

Judges 1-2, ESV (12 questions)

2. What did the tribe of Judah do at the city of Jerusalem after they captured it?

Judges 1:8,ESV

a. they took all of the belongings of everyone who lived there
b. they sacrificed their lambs
c. they burned the city


3. After the tribes of Judah and Simeon destroyed the city of Zephath, they changed the name of the city to "Hormah." What does the name "Hormah" mean? Use your Strong's Concordance or the concordance at the bottom of the bible gateway website page for your reading assignment today.

Judges 1:17,ESV

a. devotion
b. completely destroyed
c. a gift given totally to God
d. all of the above


4. Did Israel capture Gaza?

Judges 1:17,ESV

a. yes
b. no


5. On what condition did God promise to never break his agreement with the Israelites?

Judges 2:1-2,ESV

a. God's promise was unconditional

b. God would only keep his agreement/covenant with them as long as they never made an agreement with the people living in Canaan and that they destroyed their altars.


6. After God told the Isaelites that He would no longer help them force any more people out of Canaan because of their disobedience, what did they call the place where the Lord's angel spoke these words to them?

Judges 2:4,ESV

a. Bokim (aka: Bochim) (weeping, people crying)
b. Gilgal (rolling, wheel)
c. Jerusalem (teaching of peace)


7. Where was Joshua buried when he died at the age of 110?

Judges 2:8,ESV

a. Bokim
b. Ephraim
c. Gilgal


8. What were the names of the false gods that the next generation of Israel began to worship?

Judges 2:10-13,ESV

a. Baal and Ashtoreth
b. Dagon and Diana
c. Zeus and Ishtar


9. God was angry with the Israelites, so he allowed them to be defeated by their enemies, but then he put in place certain people to help them. Who were they?

Judges 2:14-16,ESV

a. judges
b. kings
c. prophets


10. Did the Israelites listen to the judges?

Judges 2:16,ESV

a. yes
b. no


11. Each time bad things would happen to the Israelites because of their disobedience, causing them to cry out to God for help, what would God do?

Judges 2:18,ESV

a. God would ignore them

b. God would repent of having ever made them

c. God would feel sorry for them and send them a judge to save them from their enemies


12. Why did the Lord allow the other nations to stay in Canaan/Israel?

Judges 2:22,ESV

a. Because the other nations were not any worse than the Israelites in the behavior

b. Because God was going to use the other nations in the land of Canaan to test the Israelites



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