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Daily Quiz: Judges 16-18

Daily Quiz: Judges 16-18

Judges 16-18, ESV (8 questions)

1. When Samson saw a prostitute in Gaza, what did he do?

Judges 16:1, 3,ESV

a. He talked to her about the reasons why she should change her profession

b. He went in to stay with her and left at midnight

c. He dedicated her to God


2. What did the rulers of the Philistines use to bribe Delilah into getting secrets from Samson about his strength?

Judges 16:5,ESV

a. fame
b. money
c. power


3. Why did the Lord leave Samson?

Judges 16:19-20,ESV

a. because he stayed the evening with a prostitute

b. because he destroyed the gates of Gaza when he left their city

c. because his head had been shaved


4. What did the Philistine men of Gaza do to Samson when they captured him?

Judges 16:21,ESV

a. tore his eyes out
b. put him in chains
c. put him to work grinding grain
d. all of the above


5. Which false god did the Philistines worship?

Judges 16:23,ESV

a. Baal
b. Dagon
c. Zeus


6. Who did the Philistine rulers attribute their victory of capturing Samson?

Judges 16:24,ESV

a. Dagon, the false god
b. the God of the Israelites
c. themselves


7. About how many people were on the roof of the temple of Dagon, laughing and making fun of Samson?

Judges 16:27,ESV

a. 30
b. 300
c. 3000


8. How long was Samson a judge for the Israelites?

Judges 16:31,ERV

a. 20 years
b. 40 years
c. 80 years



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