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Daily Quiz: Judges 13-15

Daily Quiz: Judges 13-15

Judges 13-15, ESV (8 questions)

1. How long did God allow the Philistines to rule over the Israelites?

Judges 13:1,ESV

a. 20 years
b. 40 years
c. 80 years


2. Who was Samson's Father?

Judges 13:2,ESV

a. Boaz
b. Manoah from the tribe of Dan
c. the bible doesn't say


3. What did God tell Manoah that his son Samson would be?

Judges 13:4,ESV

a. a king
b. a Nazirite
c. a priest


4. Did God want Samson to intermarry with the Philistines?

Judges 14:1-4,ESV

a. yes
b. no


5. What did Samson's wife do for the remainder of the 7-day party?

Judges 14:17,ERV

a. She cried
b. She danced
c. She ate too much wedding cake


6. What did Sampson find had happened when he returned from killing 30 Philistines?

Judges 14:20,ERV

a. His parents had died
b. His wife had made an appointment for him to have his hair cut
c. His wife had been given away to his best man


7. What did Samson use to kill 1000 Philistine men?

Judges 15:15,ESV

a. honey
b. a dead lion
c. the jawbone of a donkey


8. How long was Samson a judge for the Israelites?

Judges 15:20,ERV

a. 20 years
b. 40 years
c. 80 years



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