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Daily Quiz: Judges 10-12

Daily Quiz: Judges 10-12

Judges 10-12, ESV (7 questions)

1. Who oppressed the Israelites for 18 years in Judges 10:7-8?

Judges 10:7-8,ESV

a. The Philistines and the Ammonites

b. The Moabites

c. The Babylonians


2. When the Israelites needed a leader, which one of the sons of Gilead did they choose?

Judges 11:1, 7-8,ESV

a. the one who dressed the best

b. the one who had the most wealth

c. the only son of Gilead, who had been forced out of Gilead, years earlier, by his brothers, because his mother was a prostitute


3. When the Ammonites were preparing to go to war with Israel to take their land back, what did Jephthah tell them?

Judges 11:24,ESV

a. You can live in the land with us, if you will agree to live in peace

b. You can live in the land of Gaza until we decide what we want to do with you

c. You can live in the land that your god, Chemosh, has given to you


4. What gift did Jephthah promise to give the Lord as a burnt offering if the Lord would help him to defeat the Ammonites?

Judges 11:30-31,ESV

a. his daughter

b. his wife

c. the first thing that was to come out of his house when he returned home


5. What was the first thing to come out of Jephthah's house when he returned home?

Judges 11:34-35,ESV

a. his favorite wife

b. his only child

c. his most loved dog


6. Did Jephthah "devote" his only child to the Lord, as explained in God's law in Lev 27:28-29?

Lev 27:28-29,ESV

Judges 11:31,ESV

a. No, he did not "devote" (Hebrew: cherum) his daughter; he simply "offered her up" (Hebrew: alah) to the Lord for a sacrificial offering.

b. Yes, he devoted her to the Lord for complete destruction.


7. How did the people of Gilead judge if someone was from Ephraim?

Judges 12:5-6,ESV

a. They would ask the people to say a certain word, which they knew that people of Ephraim could not pronounce

b. People of Ephraim had big hands

c. People of Ephraim did not have thumbs or big toes



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