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Daily Quiz: Joshua 1-4

Daily Quiz: Joshua 1-4

Joshua 1-4, ERV (14 questions)

1. What did the Israeli spies tell Rahab, the Jericho harlot, to do, so that she and her family, who were in her house, would be passed over when they came to destroy the city?

Joshua 2:18,ERV

a. repent and profess obedience to God's Law

b. lie to the authorities in her community about her knowledge of the plans of the Israelis

c. tie a scarlet cord in her window


2. What was to be carried over the Jordan River ahead of the Israelites?

Joshua 3:4, 6,ERV

a. The staff of Moses
b. A jar of manna
c. the Ark of the Covenant


3. Who was to carry the ark of the covenant across the Jordan River?

Josh 3:6,ERV

a. Joshua and Caleb
b. the leaders of the tribe of Judah
c. the priests


4. What did Joshua say would happen when the priests entered the Jordan River with the ark of the covenant?

Joshua 3:13,ERV

a. the angels in heaven would start to sing

b. the water would stop flowing and fill up behind that place like a dam

c. a bridge of dry ground would appear above the water


5. What time of year did the Israelites cross the Jordan?

Joshua 3:15,ERV

a. during the winter, when the river is almost reaching the banks

b. during the summer, when the river is nearly dry

c. during harvest time, when the river is always at its fullest and overflowing its banks


6. When the water stopped flowing and piled up like a wall behind the place where they were crossing, how far away was the wall of water?

Joshua 3:16,ERV

a. the wall of water was right next to them as they crossed

b. the wall of water was far down the river, but still within sight

c. the wall of water was a long way up the river, all the way to a town called Adam


7. What body of water does the Jordan River flow into?

Joshua 3:16,ERV

a. the Dead Sea
b. the Mediterranean Sea
c. the Red Sea


8. Where was the ark of the covenant while all of the Israelites were crossing over the Jordan River on dry ground?

Joshua 3:17,ERV

a. The priests had set it up on the other side of the river

b. The priests continued carrying the ark 1000 ft ahead of the Israelites

c. The priest held the ark in the middle of the Jordan River while everyone crossed.


9. What did God tell Joshua to have the 12 leaders, one from each tribe, go back into the river to get?

Joshua 4:3,ERV

a. 12 stones where the priests had been standing

b. 12 cups of water to save with the testimony

c. 12 samples of the dirt from the dry ground where they had crossed over


10. What did Joshua put in the middle of the river where the priests had stood with the ark of the covenant?

Joshua 4:9,ERV

a. 12 poles
b. 12 stones
c. 12 sandals


11. How many Israeli soldiers crossed the Jordan River prepared for war?

Joshua 4:13,ERV

a. 7,000
b. 12,000
c. 40,000


12. At what point did the water start flowing in the river again?

Joshua 4:18,ERV

a. When there was an earthquake in the town of Adam
b. When the priests stepped out of the river onto the bank
c. When Joshua put the 12 stones in the middle of the river


13. In the Strong's Concordance, look up the word Gilgal (the place where the Israelites camped after they had crossed the Jordan River). What is associated with this word?

Joshua 4:20,Strong's a. a wheel, rolling
b. a dwelling place of prophets in northern Israel about 4 miles from Shiloh (2 kings 4:38)
c. both of the above


14. For generations to come, what would help them to remember "the way" the Israelites crossed the Jordan River?

Joshua 4:22,ERV

a. a wheel

b. the 12 stones that were taken out of the water where the priests stood and later were set up at Gilgal

c. the 12 stones that were replaced in Jordan where the priests had stood



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