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Daily Quiz: Deuteronomy 5-7

Daily Quiz: Deuteronomy 5-7

Deuteronomy 5-7,ESV (10 questions)

1. What kind of mercy did God command the Israelites to show to the people living in the land he was going to give to them?

Deut 7:2,ESV

a. no mercy to anyone
b. the same kind of mercy he had shown to them
c. mercy to virgin women and children only


2. Why did God command the Israelites not to intermarry with the people living in the land he was giving to them?

Deut 7:4,ESV

a. Marrying the people of the land would cause the Israelites to worship their gods

b. God does not like interracial marriages


3. What did God command the Israelites to do with the items the people of the land used to worship false gods?

Deut 7:5,ESV

a. destroy the altar, the pillars, the Asherim, and carved images

b. put it in a museum

c. sell it to another land and put the money in a treasury for the building of the future temple


4. Did God consider the Israelites to be holy?

Deut 7:6,ESV

a. no
b. yes


5. Did God promise to take away all of the people's sickness if they would obey his commands?

Deut 7:15,ESV

a. no
b. yes


6. Did God command the Israleites to feel sorry (pity) for the people they were destroying?

Deut 7:16,ESV

a. No, God said they were not to pity any of them because that would be a snare to them

b. Yes, God wants us to have pity for everyone.


7. What did God say that he was going to send over to help drive the people out?

Deut 7:20,ESV

a. hornets
b. tornadoes
c. earthquakes


8. Why did God say that the people in the land should be cleared away little by little instead of all at once?

Deut 7:22,ESV

a. because the wild beasts would grow too numerous for them

b. because there would be too many dead bodies at one time

c. because God did not have enough hornets


9. What did God say he would do with the people until they were all destroyed?

Deut 7:23,ESV

a. cause them to get diseases
b. confuse them
c. torment them


10. What did God command the Israelites to abhor and detest and get rid of instead of keep, because it was an abomination to him?

Deut 7:25-26,ESV

a. the people's gold & silver carved idols

b. people who were fit to be used as slaves

c. the unmarried women


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