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Daily Quiz: Deuteronomy 17-20

Daily Quiz: Deuteronomy 17-20

Deuteronomy 17-20, ESV (9 questions)

1. You shall not sacrifice to the Lord your God an ox or a sheep which has _________, for that is a detestable thing to the Lord your God.

Deut 17:1,ESV

a. a blemish or any defects
b. a nursing ox or sheep


2. What should happen to Israelites who had worshiped false Gods?

Deut 17:2-7,ESV

a. The other Israelites should forgive them

b. The other Israelites should teach them about the one true God

c. The other Israelites should stone them in a public place


3. What should be done if a court find's it too difficult to judge a particular case?

Deut 17:8-11,ESV

a. They should let the person on trial go free

b. They should ask the priest to judge and accept his answer

c. They should put the person in prison


4. What should happen to a person who does not obey the decision of the priest?

Deut 17:12,ESV

a. The priest should perform an exorcism on the person who disobeyed

b. The person should be put in prison

c. The person should be killed


5. How were the Israelites to choose the person who would be their king when they went into the Promised Land?

Deut 17:15,ESV

a. popular vote
b. electoral vote
c. God's choice


6. What did God command the King should not do?

Deut 17:16-17,ESV

a. get horses from Egypt
b. have too many wives
c. make himself rich with silver and gold
d. all of the above


7. Who were the Israelites commanded to listen to who tells things about the future?

Deut 18:14-19,ESV

a. a medium
b. a prophet from God


8. How will you know if a prophet is a false prophet?

Deut 18:21-22,ESV

a. If he tells you to worship false gods
b. If he tells you of things that will come true, but they don't


9. Under God's law, does he require an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?

Deut 19:21,ESV

a. yes
b. no


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