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Daily Quiz: Genesis 43-45

Daily Quiz: Genesis 43-45

Genesis 43-45,ESV (5 questions)

1. When Joseph's brothers were seated together at a table facing him, what caught them by surprise?
Gen 43:33,ESV

a. Joseph looked familiar to them
b. They had been seated in order from oldest to youngest
c. They had stopped feeling scared of Joseph


2. Which brother received 5 times more food than the others?
Gen 43:34,ESV

a. Reuben, the only one who tried to get his brothers not to kill Jospeh

b. Judah, the one who had the idea to sell him to the Ishmaelites/Midianites

c. Benjamin, the youngest son who had the same mother as Joseph.


3. How long did the brothers continue to eat and drink with Joseph?
Gen 43:34,ESV

a. until Benjamin had managed to eat every bite of the 5 helpings he had received

b. until they became sick

c. until they became drunk


4. Did Jacob show any partiality when he gave his brothers beautiful suits of clothes?
Gen 45:22,ESV

a. No, he gave them all the same thing
b. Yes, he gave Benjamin 5 times as many clothes and money
c. The bible doesn't tell us


5. What did Joseph tell his brothers as they were leaving to go back to Canaan?
Gen 45:24,ESV

a. Go straight home and don't quarrel along the way
b. Don't pick up any hitchhikers along the way
c. Don't drink and drive


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