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Daily Quiz: Exodus 19-21

Daily Quiz: Exodus 19-21

Exodus 19-21, ESV (9 questions)

1. What did God say would happen if the Israelites obeyed his commands and kept his agreement (covenant)?
Ex 19:5-6,ESV

a. they would be his special people
b. they would become a special nation
c. they would become a kingdom of priests
d. all of the above


2. What was the Israelite's response to Moses after he told them God's offer to make them a special people & nation, and kingdom of priests if they would obey all of his commands and keep his agreement?
Ex 19:8,ESV

a. They told Moses they would first have to hear the commands before they would know if they would enter into an agreement

b. They told Moses that they would pursue keeping God's commands, regardless of what they were

c. They said they would obey everything the Lord says


3. What did God say the Israelites should do to keep the Sabbath Holy?
Ex 20:8-10,ESV

a. Do not do any work
b. Go to the temple and confess their sins
c. Put on clean clothes and don't go near a woman for 3 days prior to the Sabbath


4. Piercing a slaves ear with a sharp tool was called what?
Ex 21:1, 6,ESV

a. an abomination
b. God's Law
c. evil


5. Under God's law, once a father has sold his daughter as a slave, what is the master supposed to do with the slave if he is not pleased with her?
Ex 21:7,ESV

a. Sell her back to her father
b. Sell her at an auction with a sign that says 'used'
c. Keep her anyway


6. According to God's law, if someone kills another person by accident, is the person who killed them guilty of murder?
Ex 21:13,ESV

a. No, because God allowed that person to be killed

b. Yes, because the person who had the accident should have been more careful

c. Yes, because life is precious, accident or not


7. Under God's law, what should happen if a child hits and/or curses their mother or father?
Ex 21:15, 17,ESV

a. They should receive 3 strikes with a rod
b. They should not be allowed to eat for 3 days
c. They should be killed

8. What did Jesus say to the Pharisees about them not obeying God's law to kill their children when their children disobeyed but still teaching obedience to all of the law?
Matthew 15:1-7,ESV

a. they are forgiven

b. they are hypocrites

c. it was okay because it was a bad law to begin with


9. Under God's law, why was it okay to beat your slave as long as you didn't kill them?
Ex 21:20,ESV

a. Because the slave owner bought them with their own money
b. Because slaves work harder when they get a good beating
c. Because slaves were meant to be beaten from the beginning of time


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