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Daily Quiz: Exodus 16-18

Daily Quiz: Exodus 16-18

Exodus 16-18, ESV (11 questions)

1. At what location did the whole congregation grumble against Moses & Aaron?
Exodus 16:1-3,ESV

a. Wilderness of Faith
b. Wilderness of Trust
c. Wilderness of Sin


2. What reason did God give to Moses that he was going to rain down bread from heaven?
Ex 16:4,ESV

a. because he didn't want the Israelites to starve
b. because he wanted to give them a small taste of what heaven is like
c. to test them, to see whether they would obey his law or not.


3. Moses gave instructions not to leave any of the bread over into the morning. Did they follow these instructions?
Ex 16:19,ESV

a. yes
b. no


4. What happened to the bread that was left over until morning?
Ex 16:20,ESV

a. it bred worms
b. It disappeared
c. It turned into serpents and bit the people


5. Did all of the Israelites follow God's command about not gathering bread on the Sabbath?
Ex 16:27-28,ESV

a. Yes
b. no


6. What was the 2nd command God gave the Israelites about the Sabbath?
Ex 16:29,ESV

a. gather together and sing praises & give an offering on each Sabbath
b. worship me on the Sabbath
c. do not leave your house on the Sabbath


7. Where did Moses put the jar of manna that was to be kept for future generations to see?
Ex 16:34,ESV

a. in a box
b. before the testimony
c. he buried it under a tree


8. How much bread was to go to each person each day, and how much bread was to go in the jar that was to be kept for future generations?
Ex 16:36,ESV

a. a tenth part of an ephah
b. a half part of an ephah
c. an ephah


9. In Gen 25:4, Abraham had a grandson named Ephah. What did this name mean? (Use your strong's concordance)
Gen 25:4, ESV
Strong's Concordance: ephah

a. happy
b. filling
c. gloomy


10. What did God command Moses to do to the rock on Mt. Horeb to get water to come out of it?
Ex 17:6, ESV

a. Strike it with his staff
b. Speak to it
c. dance around it with tambourines and sing praises of thanksgiving to the Lord


11. Who will the Lord have war with from generation to generation?
Ex 17:16,ESV

Gen 36:12,ESV

a. Amalek, descendants of an old tribe of giants
b. Amalek, descendants of Esau
c. Amalek, sons of Satan


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