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Daily Quiz: Exodus 13-15

Daily Quiz: Exodus 13-15

Exodus 13-15, ESV (5 questions)

1. After God had passed over the Israelites in Egypt, sparing their firstborn male children and animals while he killed the firstborn male animals and and firstborn sons of the Egyptians, what did God then require from the Israelites immediately after?
Ex 13:1-2,ESV
Ex 13:15-16,ESV

a. a tithe of 10%
b. a mark on their hands and forehead
c. every firstborn animal and firstborn male child must be consecreated/sanctified/sacrificed to the Lord


2. What was to happen to the male children who were given to the Lord?
Ex 13:12-13,ESV

a. They were to be sacrificed on the altar
b. They were to become servants to the priests in the temple
c. They were to be bought back (redeemed) from the Lord with a lamb


3. What reason did God give that caused Him to make Pharaoh chase the Israelites after they left Egypt?
Ex 14:4,ESV

a. Because God wanted to make the Israelites move faster
b. Because God wanted to kill Pharaoh for enslaving His firstborn son
c. Because God wanted to defeat Pharaoh, causing Egypt to know that He is Lord.


4. Why did the Israelites not sink in the mud when they crossed the Red Sea after God rolled the waters back?
Ex 14:21,ESV

a. because it was paved with gold on the bottom
b. because they miraculously walked on air above the soggy ground
c. because God caused a wind to blow and dry the ground


5. What did God tell the Israelites to do in order to receive blessings of no sickness from the Lord?
Ex 15:26,ESV

a. Obey 10 commandments
b. Obey all of His laws, but only some of the commandments
c. Obey all of the laws and all of the commandments


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