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Daily Quiz: Numbers 35-36

Daily Quiz: Numbers 35-36

Numbers 35-36,ERV (10 questions)

1. How many cities were the Israelites to give to the Levites?

Num 35:7,ERV

a. 0
b. 12
c. 48


2. 6 ______ of those cities will be cities of safety. If a person accidentally kills someone, that person can run to those towns for safety.

Num 35:6,ERV

a. 1
b. 6
c. 24


3. How long would the person who accidentally killed someone be safe in a safe city?

Num 35:12,ERV

a. as long as they stayed there

b. for 1 year, when they were required to leave

c. until they could be judged in a court


4. Under God's law, was it lawful for a family member of a victim to intentionally chase and kill the murderer?

Num 35:19,ERV

a. yes, it is lawful
b. no, it is a sin


5. If a person accidentally kills someone, should they be judged guilty or innocent by the court?

Num 35:22-24,ERV

a. innocent

b. guilty

c. it depends on the circumstances and it is up to the court to decide


6. If a person accidentally kills someone, and they are found guilty by the court, under God's law, what can happen to that person?

Num 35:24,ERV

a. they should be put in prison for the period of time decided by the court

b. they should be put in prison for life

c. they can be killed by the victim's family


7. If the court decides that a person who killed someone on accident should be protected and takes them to a safe city, is it unlawful for a family member of the victim to kill that person if the murderer leaves the safe city?

Num 35:26-28,ERV

a. it is lawful, he may be killed

b. it is unlawful, as the court ruled he was under protection


8. Under what condition should an alleged murderer not be put to death?

Num 35:30,ERV

a. If there were 0 witnesses
b. If there was only 1 witness
c. both a and b


9. Where did the Lord say he was going to be living?

Num 35:34,ERV

a. in heaven
b. in Israel


10. Moses commanded the daughters of the tribe of Mannaseh who received their father's land not to marry outside their tribe, so they married their cousins. Was this type of marriage going against God's law? (Cross reference Lev 18,ERV)

Num 36:1-12,ERV

a. yes, it was a sin to marry your cousin

b. no, God never prohibited marriage between cousins


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