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Daily Quiz: Numbers 18-20

Daily Quiz: Numbers 18-20

Numbers 18-20,ESV (11 questions)

1. The Lord said to Aaron, "You, your sons, and all the people in your father's family must bear the responsibility for any wrong that is done against _________________.
Num 18:1,ERV

a. the Israelites
b. the holy place or against the priests
c. sacrificial animals


2. 6 I myself chose the _________ from among all the Israelites. They are as a gift to you. I gave them to you to serve the Lord and work in the Meeting Tent.
Num 18:6,ERV

a. Jews
b. Levites
c. each other


3. 8 Then the Lord said to Aaron, "I myself gave you responsibility over all the special gifts people give to me. All the holy gifts that the Israelites give to me, I give to you. You and your sons can share in these gifts. They will always belong to you. 9 The people will bring gifts, grain offerings, sin offerings, and guilt offerings. These offerings are most holy. Your share in the most holy offerings will come from the parts that are not burned. All these things will be for you and your sons. 10 _______ these things only in a very holy place. Every male in your family may _____ them, but you must remember that these offerings are holy.

11 "The Israelites will bring special gifts that you will lift up to me. I give these gifts to you and your sons and daughters. That is your share. Everyone in your family who is clean will be able to _______ it.
Num 18:8-11,ERV

a. eat
b. smell
c. store


4. 17 "But you must not make a payment for the firstborn cow, sheep, or goat. These animals are holy. Sprinkle their (1)________ on the altar and burn their (2)______ as a sweet-smelling gift to the Lord. 18 But the meat from these animals will be yours. And also the breast that was lifted up to the Lord will be yours. And the right thigh from other offerings will be yours.
Num 18:17-18,ERV

a. meat on the bones
b. blood and fat
c. brains and heart


5. 1 "The Israelites will give one-tenth of everything they have. So I give that one-tenth to the Levites. This is their payment for __________.
Num 18:21,ERV

a. listening to God

b. the work that they do while they serve at the Meeting Tent

c. volunteering to help others


6. 25 The Lord said to Moses, 26 "Speak to the Levites and tell them: The Israelites will give one-tenth of everything they own to the Lord. That one-tenth will belong to the Levites. But you must give ________ of that to the Lord as your offering.
Num 18:25-26,ERV

a. one-tenth
b. one-half


7. 28 In this way you will also give an offering to the Lord just as the other Israelites do. You will get the one-tenth that the Israelites give to the Lord, and then you will give one-tenth of that to _________.
Num 18:28,ERV

a. Aaron, the priest
b. Moses
c. the poor


2 "These are the laws from the teachings that the Lord gave to the Israelites. Get a red cow that has nothing wrong with it. That cow must not have any bruises. And it must never have worn a yoke. 3 Give that cow to Eleazar, and he will take it outside the camp and kill it there. 4 Then Eleazar the priest must put some of its blood on his finger and sprinkle some of the blood toward the Holy Tent. He must do this ________ times.
Num 19:2-4,ERV

a. seven

b. twelve

c. twenty-four


9. 7 The Lord spoke to Moses and said, 8 "Get the special walking stick. Take your brother Aaron and the crowd of people and go to that rock. ______________ in front of the people. Then water will flow from the rock, and you can give that water to the people and to their animals."
Num 20:7-8,ERV

a. Strike the rock with your walking stick
b. Speak to the rock
c. Believe in the rock


10. 11 Moses lifted his arm and __________. Water began flowing from the rock, and the people and their animals drank that water.
Num 20:11,ERV

a. spoke to the rock
b. hit the rock twice
c. pushed the rock over


11. 11 Moses lifted his arm and hit the rock twice. Water began flowing from the rock, and the people and their animals drank that water. 12 But the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, "You did not trust me enough to honor me and show the people that I am holy. You did not show the Israelites that the power to make the water came from me. So you will not _________."

24 "It is time for Aaron to die and go to be with his ancestors. Aaron will not enter the land that I promised to the Israelites. Moses, I say this to you because both you and Aaron did not fully obey the command I gave you at the waters of Meribah.

Num 20:11-12, 24,ERV

a. lead the people into the land that I have given them

b. get another chance to do this right


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