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Daily Quiz: Numbers 16-17

Daily Quiz: Numbers 16-17

Numbers 16-17,ESV (5 questions)

1. 31 When Moses finished saying these things, the ground under the men opened. 32 It was as if ___________. All of Korah's men, their families, and everything they owned went down into the earth. 33 They went down into their grave alive. Everything they owned went with them. Then the earth closed over them. They were finished-gone from the camp!

a. the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them
b. a whirling wind came and carried them away
c. they all got sick and died


2. 35 Then a _______ came from the Lord and destroyed the 250 men who were offering the incense.
Num 16:35,ERV

a. fire
b. hail
c. a drowning flood

3. 39 So Eleazar the priest gathered together all the bronze pans that the men had brought. These men were all burned up, but the pans were still there. Then Eleazar told some men to hammer the pans into flat metal. Then he put the metal sheets on the altar. 40 He did this the way the Lord commanded him through Moses. This was a sign to help the Israelites remember that ____________. Any other person who burns incense before the Lord will die like Korah and his followers.
Num 16:39-40,ERV

a. incense should always be burned in a flat pan, or you will die

b. only someone from the family of Aaron should burn incense before the Lord

c. flat sheets of bronze covering the altar make the incense last longer


4. 49 But ________ people died from that sickness-and that is not counting the people who died because of Korah.
Num 16:49,ERV

a. 14
b. 147
c. 14,700


5. 8 The next day Moses entered the Tent. He saw that Aaron's walking stick, the stick from the family of Levi, was the one that had grown new leaves. That walking stick had even grown branches and made _________. 9 So Moses brought out all the sticks from the Lord's place. He showed the walking sticks to the Israelites. They all looked at the sticks, and each man took his own stick back.
Num 17:8-9,ERV

a. almonds

b. figs

c. olives


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