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Daily Quiz: Leviticus 16-18

Daily Quiz: Leviticus 16-18

Leviticus 16-18, ESV (9 questions)

1. What was Aaron commanded to accept from the community of Israel for a sin offering?

Lev 16:5,ERV

a. 2 male goats
b. 1 bull
c. 1 turtledove


2. Of the 2 goats received by Aaron from the community of Israel, what was to happen to the goat that did not get sacrificed to the Lord?

Lev 16:9-10,ERV

a. It was to be returned to the community of Israel
b. It was to be led into the wilderness and let go
c. It was to be kept as a community pet and treated like royalty


3. When Aaron went into the Most Holy Place, what would hide the mercy seat from his view so that he would not die?

Lev 16:12-13,ERV

a. the cloud made from the 2 handfuls of incense that was placed on the firepan of hot coals

b. the cloud from God on the mercy seat

c. the cloud of smoke from the sin offering


4. Where was Aaron commanded to sprinkle the blood from the bull and goat?

Lev 16:14-15,ERV

a. on his right ear, right thumb, and big toe of his right foot

b. on his special priestly clothes

c. on the front of the ark of the covenant and the mercy seat


5. What would the live goat carry with it into the wilderness?

Lev 16:22,ERV

a. blood from the sacrificed goat
b. all the people's sins
c. a grain offering


6. How often was the sacrifice made to make all of the people in the community of Israel pure/clean from their sin?

Lev 16:34,ERV

a. once a day
b. once a month
c. once a year


7. What had to be done with blood in order for it to make someone pure?

Lev 17:11-12,ERV

a. It had to be drunk
b. It had to be smeared on a person's ear
c. It had to be poured on the altar


8. 6 "You must never have __________ with your close relatives. I am the Lord.

Lev 18:6,ERV

a. multiple partners
b. sexual relations


9. 24 "Don't make yourself unclean by doing any of _______ wrong things! I am throwing nations off their land and giving it to you because they did those terrible sins. 25 They made the land filthy. Now the land is sick of those things, and it will vomit out the people who live there.

Lev 18:24-25,ERV

a. these (sexual sins)
b. these (idol worship)
c. these (any evil acts)


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