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Daily Quiz: Deuteronomy 3-4

Daily Quiz: Deuteronomy 3-4

Deuteronomy 3-4,ESV (10 questions)

1. What did the Israelites do with the valuables of the people who they destroyed in the land of Bashon?

Deut 3:7,ESV

a. destroyed them
b. buried them in a cave
c. kept them


2. The length of an average bed is 6ft. What was the length of Og's bed?

Deut 3:11, ERV

a. over 7 ft
b. over 13 ft
c. over 24 ft


3. What special request did Moses ask the Lord to do for him?

Deut 3:23-25,ESV

a. He asked him to give him a vision in a dream of the Promised Land

b. He asked him to let him cross the Jordan into the Promised Land

c. He asked him to let him look at the Promised Land from Mt. Pisgah


4. Did God give Moses what he asked for?

Deut 3:26,ESV

a. yes
b. no


5. What did God tell the Israelites about his commandments?

Deut 4:2,ESV

a. you must never add to or take anything away from the commandments

b. you can take away from the commandments as long as you do the 10 carved on stone

c. you can take away the 10 commandments but you must do all of the others


6. What does God compare Egypt to?

Deut 2:4-6,ERV

a. a cool and refreshing river of of water

b. a hot furnace

c. sun, moon, and stars


7. What did Moses tell the Israelites would be the only way they would find God if they ever were to become scattered out of the Promised Land?

Deut 4:29,ESV

a. prayer

b. go to church

c. seek him with all their heart and soul


8. 34 Has _____ ever tried to go and take a people for himself from inside another nation? No!"

Deut 4:34, ERV

a. God
b. any other god
c. satan


9. What did the cities of Bezer, Ramoth, and Golan have in common?

Deut 4:41-43,ESV

a. they were all on the east side of the Jordan

b. they were all safe cities

c. both of the above


10. How far does the Promised land reach on the east side of the Jordan?

Deut 4:49,ESV

a. It doesn't. The Promised land is only in the area on the west side of the Jordan River

b. to the foot of Mt. Pisgah

c. to the dead Sea


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