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Daily Quiz: Deuteronomy 1-2

Daily Quiz: Deuteronomy 1-2

Deuteronomy 1-2,ESV (5 questions)

1. How did God tell the Israelites to get food and water from the land of Sier?

Deut 2:4-6,ESV

a. kill all the people and take their food and water
b. buy it from the people; pay them for it
c. ask the people to give it to you for free


2. Why did God tell the Israelites not to bother the Moabites?

Deut 2:9,ESV
Deut 2:9, ERV

a. because they were good people
b. because they worshiped God
c. because they were the descendants of Lot


3. Why did God say to the Israelites that he would not give them any of the land of the hill country of Sier?

Deut 2:4-5,ESV

a. Because God had given that land to Esau to keep as his own

b. Because the hill country was a place where anyone could come and worship

c. Because the hill country did not have good soil or grass for crops or flocks


4. How did God give Esau his land (the foothills of Sier)?

Deut 2:12,ESV
Deut 2:12,ERV

a. Esau's people destroyed the Horites who lived there, just like Israel destroyed the people in the land that the Lord gave to them

b. He spoke to Easu in a vision saying that this land, where no one had ever lived, would be his forever

c. God gave Easu a written document in stone declaring to him that it was his


5. How did God give the land (the towns around Gaza) to the Cretes?

Deut 2:23,ESV
Deut 2:23,ERV

a. He killed the people who lived there with a flood and gave it to the Cretes

b.The Cretans destroyed the Avvites, and took their land to be their own


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