April 5: Daily Bible Reading/Quiz

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Daily Quiz: 2 Samuel 1-3

2 Samuel 1-3, ERV (11 questions)

1. What did David have done to the Amalekite who honored Saul's request to finish the job of killing him after he had already tried to kill himself by falling on his sword?

2 Sam 1:15

a. he gave him a crown
b. he made him his servant
c. he had him executed


2. How long was David king over Judah?

2 Sam 1:11

a. 7 years and 6 months
b. 10 years and 7 months
c. 12 years and 3 months


3. Who was king over Israel for the first 2 years that David was king over Judah?

2 Sam 2:10

a. Abner, commander of Saul's army
b. Ish-Bosheth, son of Saul


4. Who won the battle at the pool of Gibeon?

2 Sam 2:17

a. the men of Ish-Bosheth
b. the men of David


5. At the battle of Gibeon, Abner killed Ashael, after giving him a warning that if he would stop pursuing him that he would not kill him, but Ashael would not stop. Which king was Abner a servant to?

2 Sam 2:18-23

a. David, king of Judah
b. Ish-Bosheth, king of Israel


6. How many men died in the battle of Gibeon?

2 Sam 2:29-31

a. Israel 360 and Judah 20
b. Israel 20 and Judah 360


7. David had 6 sons while in Hebron. How many wives did he have during this time?

2 Sam 3:2-5

a. 2
b. 3
c. 6


8. Why did Abner leave Ish-Bosheth and come to serve David instead?

2 Sam 3:6-11

a. Ish-Bosheth accused Abner of doing wrong with a woman who was his father's concubine

b. Because he felt guilty for killing Ashael


9. Why did Ish-Bosheth and Abner take Paltiel's wife away from him and give her to David?

2 Sam 3:12-16

a. Because Paltiel was an abusive husband and David wanted to help his wife

b. Because Paltiel's wife had been purchased by David before she had ever been given to Paltiel by Saul


10. What happened to Abner after David held a feast for him and sent him away in peace?

2 Sam 3:26-27

a. a lion killed him

b. Joab killed him


11. David put the following curse on Joab for killing Abner: "may the house of Joab never be without one who _____.

2 Sam 3:29, ESV

a. has a discharge
b. who is leprous
c. who holds a spindle
d. who falls by the sword
e. who lacks bread
f. all of the above



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