April 9: Daily Bible Reading/Quiz

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Daily Quiz: 2 Samuel 16-18

2 Samuel 16-18, ERV (8 questions)

1. Why did King David take away all that belonged to Mephibosheth and give it to Ziba?

2 Sam 16:1-4

a. Mephibosheth did not help Ziba bring supplies to help King David

b. Ziba told David that Mephibosheth was planning on the Israelites giving the kingdom to him


2. What did Ahithophel tell Absalom to do in order to gain more support from the people of Israel?

2 Sam 16:20-21

a. Make new laws that were easier to obey

b. Go to his father's house and have sex with his wives, thereby humiliating his father


3. What did Absalom and David think every time that Ahithophel gave advice?

2 Sam 16:23

a. it never seemed to be good advice
b. they accepted it as though it came directly from the word of God


4. Who was Ahithophel?

(Cross Ref. 2 Sam 11:3 and

2 Sam 23:34)

a. Bathsheba's father
b. Bathsheba's grandfather
c. Absalom's grandfather on his mother's side


5. When Ahithophel gave advice to Absalom about how to catch and kill David, why did he not take his advice?

2 Sam 17:14

a. Because he also got advice from Hushai, which was advice he liked better

b. God had made it so that for Absalom wanted to take Hushai's advice

c. Because Absalom didn't want to kill his father

d. both a and b


6. What did Ahithophel do when Absalom and the Israelites did not take his advice?

2 Sam 17:23

a. He tried to kill Absalom
b. He took his own advice and tried to kill David himself
c. He killed himself


7. As King David's men went out to battle with Absalom and his men, what command did David give to Joab and the other 2 captains?

2 Sam 18:5

a. Kill Absalom the first chance you get.

b. Give Absalom a chance to repent before you kill him

c. Be gentle with Absalom


8. Who hit Absalom 3 times in the heart with sticks while he was hanging by his head in the branches of an oak tree? 2 Sam 18:14

a. Abishai
b. Ittai
c. Joab



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