April 15: Daily Bible Reading/Quiz

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Daily Quiz: 1 Kings 8-9

1 Kings 8-9, ERV (4 questions)

1. What does it mean "to minister?"

1 Kings 8:11

(Use your Strong's concordance)

a. to preach
b. to teach
c. to serve


2. 12 Then Solomon said, "The Lord caused the sun to shine in the sky, but he chose to live in ___________. 13 Now, Lord, I have built a beautiful Temple for you, where you may live forever."

1 Kings 8:12-13 ERV

a. the hearts of people
b. a dark cloud
c. paradise


3. What did God tell Solomon would cause him to cast the temple out of his sight and also cause the name "Israel" to become a byword?

1 Kings 9:6-9

a. if they didn't ask for forgiveness

b. if they turned away from following his commands rules and statutes

c. if they turned away from the 10 commandments only


4. How many people of the Israelites did Solomon draft to be slaves?

1 Kings 9:22

a. 70,000
b. 120,000
c. none



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