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2 Chronicles 2-5 ERV (2 questions)

1. Solomon began building the Lord's Temple at Jerusalem on Mount __________, where the Lord appeared to David, Solomon's father. This was the place David had prepared for the Temple. It had been the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite.

2 Chron 3:1,ERV

a. Carmel
b. Moriah
c. of Olives


2. 13 Those who blew the trumpets and those who sang were like one person. They _________ when they praised and thanked the Lord. They made a loud noise with the trumpets, cymbals, and instruments of music. They praised the Lord, singing, "The Lord is good. His faithful love will last forever." Then the Lord's Temple was filled with a cloud.

2 Chron 5:13,ERV

a. made one sound
b. sang at different times
c. two by two


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