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Ruth 1-4, ESV (10 questions)

1. Naomi told Ruth she should do the same as her sister-in-law and go back to her own people and to her own what?

Ruth 1:15

a. gods
b. church family
c. doctrine


2. Why had Naomi, her husband and children left Israel to begin with?

Ruth 1:1,ESV

a. there was a famine in the land

b. they wanted to travel and see what they were missing in another land

c. Elimelech was being transferred with his job


3. What did Ruth say that she had when she first left Israel? Ruth 1:21

Ruth 1:21,ERV a. Nothing: they were poorer than poor

b. She had only a little to make her happy

c. She had everything she wanted


4. With what things did Ruth say God sent her back to Israel? Ruth 1:21

Ruth 1:21, ERV a. everything
b. only a little bit
c. nothing


5. How was Naomi related to the rich man, Boaz? -Ruth 2:1

Ruth 2:1, ERV a. Boaz was Naomi's uncle

b. Boaz was related to Naomi's deceased husband

c. Boaz was not related to Naomi


6. When Boaz came to his field, how did he greet his workers? Ruth 2:4

Ruth 2:4,ERV a. "Get to work, you sluggards!"

b. "You are all a fine bunch of workers"

c. "The Lord be with you"


7. How did the workers in Boaz's field respond to his greeting? Ruth 2:4

Ruth 2:4,ERV a. This work is too hard and too much

b. We are doing well, thank you.

c. The Lord bless you


8. Did Boaz tell Ruth that the Lord would reward her for leaving her own mother and father, and coming with her mother-in-law? Ruth 2:11-12

Ruth 2:11-12,ERV a. yes
b. no


9. Who was Boaz and Ruth's great grandson? Ruth 4:17

Ruth 4;17,ERV a. David
b. Joseph
c. Samuel


10. Using your concordance: Who was Perez? Ruth 4:18-22

Ruth 4:18-22 a. He was a son of Moses

b. He was a son of Joshua

c. He was one of the twin sons of Judah and Tamar


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