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Judges 19-21, ESV (5 questions)

1. Why did a civil war break out between Israel and the tribe of Benjamin?

Judges 20:13-14,ESV

a. because they would not turn over the men of the city who raped a Levite's wife all night, who later died

b. because the tribe of Benjamin were worshiping idols

c. Because the tribe of Benjamin supported homosexuality


2. How many times did the Israelites have to attack the tribe of Benjamin before the Lord said that he would help them defeat them?

Judges 20:19, 24, 28,ESV

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3


3. What special skill did the army of Benjamin have?

Judges 20:16,ESV

a. they were trained to fight with their left hand

b. they could use slings with great skill

c. they could use a sling to throw a stone at a hair and not miss

d. all of the above


4. Why did the Israelites kill all of the people of the town of Jabesh Gilead except for the 400 women who had never had sex with a man?

Judges 21:5, 7-14,ESV

a. because no one from Jabesh Gilead came to meet with the other Israelites at Mizpah

b. because they felt sorry for the men of Benjamin whom they had promised to never let any of their own daughters marry, and so they took the women from Jabesh Gilead, who had not made the same promise that they had made, and gave those women to be wives of the men of the tribe of Benjamin

c. Because all of the women from the tribe of Benjamin had been killed by the other tribes of Israel in the war

d. all of the above


5. Why did the Israelite men from the tribe of Benjamin hide in the vienyards at the festival of the Lord at Shiloh and kidnap young Israelite women who had come to join in dancing at the celebration?

Judges 21:18-24,ESV

a. it was a plan concocted by the other Israelite tribes so that the rest of the men of Benjamin could each get a wife of the Israelite family without the Israelite fathers having to willingly give them to them, so that the Israelites didn't break their promise by "giving" the Benjamites one of their daughters.

b. because they were evil


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