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Joshua 9-11, ESV ( 5 questions)

1. Which group of people made a peace agreement with Isarel?

Joshua 9:3-15,ESV

a. Gideons
b. Gibeons
c. Canaanites


2. What were the 5 Amorite kings and their armies doing when they were attacked by the Israelites?

Josh 10:5,ESV

a. They were having a meeting about attacking the Israelites

b. They were attacking the city of Gibeon for making a peace agreement with the Israelites

c. They were sleeping because it was the middle of the night


3. What killed more Amorite soldiers than the sword of the Isarelites?

Josh 10-11,ESV

a. African Killer Bees
b. poisonous frogs
c. large hailstones sent by God


4. How long did the sun stand still in the sky?

Josh 10:13,ESV

a. 30 minutes
b. a full day
c. 3 full days


5. The only Anakims (aka: Anakites) left alive were the ones living in Gaza, Gath, and Ashdod. According to the Strong's Concordance (Josh 11:22), who were these people?

Josh 11:22,Strong's a. a tribe of evil people
b. a tribe of compassionate people
c. a tribe of giants


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