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Joshua 16-18, ESV (6 questions)

1. Were the Ephraimites successful in forcing all of the Canaanites out of their land?

Josh 16:10,ESV

a. yes
b. no


2. Were the people of Manasseh successful in defeating the Canaanites and forcing them out of the land that was given to them?

Joshua 17:12,ESV

a. yes
b. no


3. When the Israelites became strong enough to force the remaining Canaanites to leave their land, did they?

Joshua 17:13,ESV

a. Yes, every last one
b. no, they made them into slaves


4. 15 And Joshua said to them, "If you are a numerous people, go up by yourselves to the forest, and there clear ground for yourselves in the land of the Perizzites and the ________, since the hill country of Ephraim is too narrow for you."

Josh 17:15,ESV

a. Phiistines
b. Rephaim
c. Egyptians

5. Where did the Israelites set up the tabernacle?

Joshua 18:1,ESV

a. Jerusalem
b. Hebron
c. Shiloh


6. Which tribe of Israelites received land that included the city of Jericho?

Josh 18:20-21,ESV

a. Benjamin
b. Ephraim
c. Judah


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