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Deuteronomy 14-16, ESV
(9 questions)

1. Which food would have been against God's law to eat?

Deut 14:8

a. hamburger
b. ham sandwich
c. deer stew


2. Which of the following foods would have been okay to eat under God's law?

Deut 14:4,7,ESV

a. shrimp po'boy
b. rabbit stew
c. lamb chops

3. What were the people to do with the 10th of their crops that they were commanded to take to the tabernacle?

Deut 14:22-23,ESV

a. give it to the priest

b. give it to the poor who were sitting in front of the tabernacle

c. eat it at God's house


4. What were the people to do if the amount of crops they had received was too much to carry to the temple?

Deut 14:24,ESV

a. sell the 10th of your crops and give the money to the priest

b. sell the 10th of your crops and give the money to the poor

c. sell the 10th of your crops, buy food of any kind you want when you get close to the Temple, and eat it there, sharing your food with the Levites


5. How often were the people to bring a 10th to the temple and eat it while they were there?

Deut 14:22,ESV

a. once a week

b. at the time of each appointed festival

c. once a year


6. Under God's law, what were the Israelites to do to the other Israelites every 7 years?

Deut 15:1-2,ESV

a. baptize them

b. cancel their debts

c. give purchased land back to the original owner


7. Under God's law, would an Israelite still have to cancel a debt of another Israelite if they had just loaned them something right before the end of the 7th year?

Deut 15:9,ESV

a. yes

b. no


8. Under God's law was it okay to buy other Hebrews as slaves?

Deut 15:12,ESV

a. yes

b. no


9. How much money would a slave save an Israelite?

Deut 15:18,ESV

a. half the amount it would have cost to pay a hired worker

b. all of the amount it would have cost to pay a hired worker


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