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1 Samuel 4-8, ESV (10 questions)

1. 4 So the people sent to Shiloh and brought from there the ark of the covenant of the Lord of hosts, who is _______ the cherubim. 1 Sam 4:4 ESV

1 Sam 4:4

a. enthroned on
b. Holy to
c. protective of


2. On the day the Philistines killed 30,000 Israelite soldiers, what did they take that belonged to the Israelites? 1 Sam 4:11

1 Sam 4:11, ESV

a. the priests

b. The curtains in the tabernacle

c. The ark of the covenant (aka: box of agreement)


3. How old was Eli, the priest, when he died? 1 Sam 4:14-15

1 Sam 4:14-15, ESV

a. 45
b. 56
c. 98


4. Where did the Philistines put the ark of the covenant? 1 Sam 5:2

1 Sam 5:2, ESV

a. under an almond tree
b. they hid it in the reeds in the river
c. they put it inside the temple of Dagon


5. What did God send to the Philistines for taking the ark of the covenant? -1 Samuel 5:6

1 Samuel 5:6, ESV

a. mice
b. tumors
c. both of the above


6. How long did the Philistines keep the ark of the covenant? 1 Sam 6:1, ESV

1 Sam 6:1, ESV

a. 7 days
b. 7 weeks
c. 7 months


7. Who told the Philistines that they must send the ark of the covenant back in a wagon pulled by 2 cows that had never been worked in a field? 1 Sam 6:2,7

1 Sam 6:2,7, ESV

a. the priests of the Israelites
b. the priests of the Philistines
c. Dagon


8. Why did the priests of the Philistines tell them to send gifts back with the ark of the covenant? 1 Sam 6:8, ESV

1 Sam 6:8

a. for forgiveness of sins from the God of the Israelites

b. payment to the God of Israel so He would stop punishing them

c. both of the above


9. Samuel served as a ______ for Israel. 1 Sam 7:6

1 Sam 7:6, ESV

a. judge
b. priest
c. king


10. What caused the Philistines to become confused and defeated when they went to war with the Israelites? 1 Sam 7:10, ESV

1 Sam 7:10

a. the strength of the Israelites
b. the strategy of the Israelites
c. a loud clap of thunder


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