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1 Samuel 1-3, ESV (3 questions)

1. Did God change his mind about fulfilling a promise he had made about the Levites (the family of priests)? 1 Samuel 2:30

1 Samuel 2:30, ERV

a. yes, he changed his mind

b. no, he did not change his mind


2. How did Samuel become to be an established prophet in Israel? 1 Samuel 3:19-20

1 Samuel 2:30, ERV

a. God told him he was a prophet

b. The people of Israel elected him as their prophet

c. The messages from God that Samuel shared with the people all turned out to be true


3. What tribe of Israel was Samuel from? 1 Sam 1:1

1 Samuel 2:30, ERV

a. Ephraim
b. Judah
c. Levi


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