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1 Samuel 13-14, ESV (5 questions)

1. After Saul was anointed as King, what was he quick to do? 1 Sam 13:13

1 Sam 13:13

a. obey the Lord
b. disobey the Lord


2. What caused the Philistines to be completely overcome with fear? 1 Sam 14:15

1 Sam 14:15

a. shaking ground
b. a loud clap of thunder
c. a tornado


3. When Saul became impatient waiting on the priest to hear from God, he went on into battle. What did he find the Philistines doing when he got there? 1 Sam 14:20

1 Sam 14:20

a. they were confused and fighting themselves with their swords

b. they were killing the Israelites who lived with them as servants


4. What did Saul promise would happen to any man in his army who ate anything before evening or before he won the battle with the enemy? 14:24

1 Sam 14:24

a. He would be killed
b. He would be under a curse


5. How did God reveal to Saul who had sinned? 1 Samuel 14:41-42

1 Samuel 14:41-42

a. in a dream
b. God spoke to Saul from a cloud
c. God revealed the answer to Saul using the Urim and Thummim


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