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Numbers 26-27, ESV
(3 questions)

1. 52 The Lord said to Moses, 53 "The land will be divided and given to these people. Each tribe will get enough land for all the people who were counted. 54 A large tribe will get much land, and a small tribe will get less land. The land that they get will be equal to _________________.

Num 26:52-54,ERV

a. each other

b. the number of people who were counted


2. Who received the land for the tribe of Manasseh?

Num 27:1,5-7,ERV

a. Manasseh's 5 great, great grand-daughters

b. Manasseh's brother, Ephraim

c. Manasseh didn't get any land, because he wasn't one of the 12 sons of Jacob


3. 21 If Joshua needs to make a decision, he will go to Eleazar the priest. Eleazar will use the ______ to learn the Lord's answer. Then Joshua and all the Israelites will do the things God says. If he says, 'go to war,' they will go to war. And if he says, 'go home,' they will go home."

Num 27:21,ERV

a. incense to speak to God in Most Holy Place

b. Urim


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