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Leviticus 24-25, ESV
(6 questions)

1. How often should the lampstand continue to burn?

Lev 24:4,ERV

a. throughout every day
b. throughout every night
c. always


2. How often was the priest commanded to put fresh bread before the Lord on the table in the tabernacle?

Lev. 24:5-8,ERV

a. 2 loaves, once a day
b. 1 loaf, three times a day
c. 12 loaves, every Sabbath


3. Did God command "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?"

Lev 24:20,ERV

a. yes
b. no


4. How often was the year of Jubilee celebrated?

Lev 25:10,ERV

a. every 7 years
b. every 12 years
c. every 50 years


5. What did God promise to the Israelites in return for them obeying all of his law?

Lev 25:18-19,ERV

a. you will be safe in your country and have plenty of food

b. you will never die

c. you will be an example to other nations


6. Since God commanded the people not to plant during the 7th year, how were the people going to get food to eat?

Lev 25:21,ERV

a. God would bless the crops and they would continue to produce for 3 years

b. God would place in the heart of other nations to bring food

c. God would cause the people to not need food for the 7th year


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