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2 Samuel 8-12, ESV (6 questions)

1. Of the members of David's staff, who was Jehoshaphat? 2 Sam 8:16

a. captain over the army
b. historian
c. priest
d. secretary


2. When David received a message from Bathsheba, what did it say? 2 Sam 11:5

a. I would like to come live with you
b. I think we should never see each other again
c. I am pregnant.


3. Why did David get Uriah drunk? 2 Sam 11:13

a. He thought it would help him accept the news that his wife was pregnant with David's child

b. He hoped it would cause Uriah to go home and have sex with his wife, which would deceive him into believing later that the pregnancy of Bathsheba was the result of his own sexual relations with her.


4. What secret message did Uriah unknowingly carry to Joab from David? 2 Sam11:14

a. the message that he had gotten Uriah's wife pregnant
b. Uriah's death sentence


5. What curse did God place over David because he had taken Uriah's wife and had Uriah murdered? 2 Sam 12:11-14

a. your family will never have peace

b. I am bringing trouble against you

c. trouble will come to you from your own family

d. I will take your wives away and give them to someone close to you for them to have sex with, and everyone will know it

e. although David's sin with Bathsheba was in secret, David's punishment from the Lord would be for all to see

f. the son Bathsheba gives birth to, will die

g. all of the above


6.What happened to Solomon, the second son that was born to David and Bathsheba? 2 Sam 12:24-25

a. God named him Jedidiah
b. God loved him
c. God caused him to die at birth
d. Both "A" and "B"


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