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2 Samuel 22-24, ESV (4 questions)

1. Who was against the Israelites and encouraged David to have them all counted? 2 Sam 24:1, 1 Chronicles 21:1

a. God
b. Satan
c. both "a" and "b"


2. When did God punish the Israelites? 2 Sam 24:8-11

a. When David agreed to count the Israelites
b. When David had just begun to count them
c. When the counting results came in, 9 months & 20 days later


3. How did David feel when he had finished counting the Israelites? 2 Sam 24:10

a. ashamed
b. content and satisfied with the numbers
c. thrilled beyond measure


4. How many Israelites did the Lord kill with disease in 3 days for punishment? 2 Sam 24:15

a. 12
b. 400
c. 70,000


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