April 23: Daily Bible Reading/Quiz

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Daily Quiz: 2 Kings 6-8

2 Kings 6-8, ERV (5 questions)

1. 4 So Elisha went with the group of prophets. When they arrived at the Jordan River, they began to cut down some trees. 5 But when one man was cutting down a tree, the iron ax head slipped from the handle and fell into the water. He shouted, "Oh, master! I borrowed that ax!" 6 The man of God said, "Where did it fall?" The man showed Elisha the place where the ax head fell. Then Elisha cut a _______ and threw the ______ into the water. The _______ made the iron ax head float.
-2 Kings 6:4-6,ERV

a. pomegranate
b. stick
c. piece of his robe


2. Elisha talked to the woman whose son he had brought back to life. He said, "You and your family should move to another country, because the Lord has decided that there will be a famine here. It will last for seven _______."
-2 Kings 8:1,ERV

a. weeks
b. months
c. years


3. 2 So the woman did what the man of God said. She went with her family to stay in the land of the ___________ for seven years.
2 Kings 8:2,ESV

a. Assyrians
b. Moabites
c. Philistines


4. 12 Hazael said, "Sir, why are you crying?" Elisha answered, "I am crying because I know the bad things you will do to the Israelites. You will burn their strong cities and kill their young men with swords. You will kill their babies and split open their pregnant women." 13 Hazael said, "I am not a powerful man! How can I do these great things?" Elisha answered, "The Lord showed me that you will ______________."

(NOTE: "ARAM" is "SYRIA" in other versions)

2 Kings 8:12-13,ERV

a. be the most evil man in Aram
b. be king over Aram
c. murder the king of Aram


5. According to the NKJV, how old was Ahaziah when he began to reign?
2 Kings 8:26,NKJV
2 Chronicles 22:2,NKJV

a. 22
b. 42
c. both 22 and 42



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