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2 Kings 4-5, ESV (5 questions)

1. Where did the woman get empty vessels from to fill with oil? 2 Kings 4:3

a. Elijah demanded them from the woman's neighbors

b. she borrowed them from her neighbors

c. she got them from the temple


2. Did the child come back to life as soon as Elisha prayed to God? 2 Kigns 4:33-35

a. yes
b. no


3. What did the man from Baal Shalishah give to Elisha, which he shared w/100 prophets & there was still more left over? 2 Kings 4:42-44

a. the Word of God
b. manna from heaven
c. bread


4. What did Elisha take as a gift from Naaman for healing him? 2 Kings 5:16

a. gold and silver
b. 10 changes of clothes
c. nothing


5. What did Elisha's servant get for taking a gift from Naaman? 2 Kings 5:27

a. rich
b. leprosy


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