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1 Samuel 21-24, ESV (6 questions)

1. What was the only thing that the priest had on hand to give David to eat?

a. the bread that had been prepared and placed in the temple for the Lord

b. dried ham

c. dried bacon


2. What was the only weapon that the priest had to give to David? 1 Sam 21:8-9

a. a sling with a pouch containing 5 smooth stones

b. the sword of Goliath


3. What happened to the priest because he had given David bread and a sword and he had prayed for him? 1 Sam 22:16-18

a. The Lord blessed him with a bounty of food and weapons the following day

b. the priest was killed


4. What promise did David make to Saul at Saul's request? 1 Sam 24:21

a. that he would not kill his descendants, even after Saul was dead and David was king of Israel

b. that he would help those in his family who were crippled and could not walk


5. What did Saul request that David use to make his promise? 1 Sam 24:20

a. the life of his firstborn son

b. the Lord's name


6. What does Jesus tell us in the new testament about using the Lord's name when we make a promise? Matt 5:33-37

a. this is good and makes the promise stronger

b. people will be more likely to believe you when you use the Lord's name

c. don't use vows/oaths to make a promise stronger, say only yes or no. Anything more than that comes from the evil one


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