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1 Kings 3-5, ESV (8 questions)

1. How did Solomon make a peace treaty with Pharaoh? 1 Kings 3:1

a. they signed a peace treaty agreement
b. Solomon married Pharaoh's daughter


2. Was Solomon doing the right thing by going to the high places to offer sacrifices and burn incense? 1 Kings 3:3

a. yes
b. no


3. How did God appear to Simeon while he was at Gibeon? 1 Kings 3:5

a. in a burning bush
b. in a dream at night
c. in a vision in the middle of the day


4. After God told Solomon to ask him for whatever he wanted, what did Solomon respond with? 1 Kings 3:9

a. wisdom to rule and judge well and to know the difference between right and wrong
b. wealth
c. long life


5. Of all the leading officials during Solomon's reign, who was the official who wrote down all of the historical notes about the people? 1 Kings 4:3

a. Jehoshaphat
b. Elihoreph
c. Ahijah


6. Who was the governor of the hill country of Ephraim? 1 Kings 4:8

a. Ben Hur
b. Ben Deker
c. Ben Hesed


7. Which of the following describes the people of Israel and Judah under Solomon's reign? 1 Kings 4:20

a. they were happy and had plenty to eat
b. they were sad and never felt like they were good enough
c. they were hungry and there was a famine


8. What were the borders with other countries like during Solomon's reign? 1 Kings 4:24

a. constant fighting
b. peaceful


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