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1 Kings 18_20, ESV (5 questions)

1. When Jezebel was killing all of the prophets, who hid 100 prophets in 2 caves? 1 Kings 18:3-5

a. the man in charge of King Ahab's palace
b. Obadiah
c. both A and B


2. By what name did King Ahab use to greet the prophet Elijah? 1 Kings 18:17

a. miracle maker of Israel
b. troublemaker of Israel
c. rainmaker of Israel


3. What mountain did Elijah tell Ahab to have Israel meet him on? 1 Kings 18:20

a. Mt. Carmel
b. Mt. Sinai


4. Who killed all the prophets of Baal? 1 Kings 18:40

a. Ahab
b. Elijah
c. Jezebel


5. After Elijah proclaimed to the Lord that he was all alone, how many people did God tell him that he still had in Israel that had not worshiped Baal? 1 Kings 19:18

a. 100
b. 7,000


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